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Is your home prone to flooding during every passing storm?

A good pump will be an important asset at the time of flooding during the rainy season. It is an economical solution to keep the residential basement dry, as it doesn’t cost much. It is used to empty the pools, flooded basements, and fountains and to clear out the sump. According to the superior pump reviews, Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump is the best sump pump available in the market, which is both cost efficient and reliable.

The pump is built with a robust design to last long and is made up of high-quality components. This one-piece thermoplastic housing is fully waterproof. It is valued for its ability of continuous usage. It can run long without any interruption. A wire mesh has been screwed through the intake to prevent the dust from entering into the pump. This mesh can be cleaned easily. It is an electrical pump and can be plugged anywhere. This pump is operated manually, with the help of a float switch. It has a motor of ¼ horsepower. So, it can easily pump out 30 gallons of water per minute.

This pump is specially designed for domestic use. It contains a 10 feet replaceable and water-resistant cord that makes it submersible. It is fitted with a garden hosepipe adapter and a 1-1/4 inch iron pipeline discharge thread. It is thermally protected with a high efficient, 3.8-amp motor. It is also known for its durability. This is a CSA certified Superior Pump for reliability and protection. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. It is an ultra-portable and light-duty pump for emergency water removal.

Details of Superior Pump 91250 are as follows –

  • Pump type – It is a corded electric pedestal sump pump.
  • Manufacturer – It is manufactured by Superior Pumps.
  • Cord length – Length of the cord is 10 feet.
  • Inlet style – It has the power of bottom suction with 1/8 inch filter.
  • Discharge size – It has 1.25 inch MPT, with 0.75 inch garden hose adapter.
  • Housing material – It is made up of thermoplastic material.
  • Sump diameter – It has 7 inch minimum diameter.
  • Voltage – 115VAC /3.8A is used.
  • Weight – It weighs about 8 lbs.
  • Dimension – It is 9.3 inches high, 5.9 inches deep and 5 4 inches wide.

There are several models of pumps available in the market, but the Superior Pump 91250 is the best because of its reasonable price and water transfer performance. The ability to get attached with a garden hose is one of the benefits of this pump. By back flushing from its outlet, it can easily be cleaned. It can act as a portable sump pump as it simplifies cord storage. Drilling large holes on the perimeter of this bucket help to pump out a large quantity of water from the waterlogged basement or pool. Scraps of ¼ inch hardware cloth over the holes help the pump to act as a large debris filter.

Thus, the aim of Superior Pumps is to make high-quality affordable pumps, among which, the 91250 is the top-rated portable sump pump.

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