Stucco Work in Toronto

Located in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area. Local business Toronto Stucco & stone work specialists committed to offering permanent, Eco­friendly, Canadian made affordable solutions. An expert company in its area of specialization. They have been exposed to extensive training programs and therefore exposed and experienced in residential design projects, commercial design solutions as well municipality projects.

Stucco Toronto have been offering expert services to fulfill the concrete and stone needs for both commercial and residential housing solutions.

At Stucco Toronto you deal with Canadian stucco experts who have over 10 years of expertise and experience in stucco building, design, stucco restoration, exterior Insulation and finishing systems (EIF). They also deal with stucco crack repairs, water damage and vandalism. The experts work with their clients in a consultative manner from the start to the end of each single project. With lots of knowledge and experience, they are able to courteously attend to every single detail of any proposed stucco project offering uniqueness and different solutions to the different projects as assigned. All this takes in to account the client’s needs, time and cost.

Today, Stucco has become a very attractive solution in home finishing. It is effective in adding a touch of class and modern look to any specific old and lifeless building. It also is a cost­friendly answer for raising the property valuation of a building to be put up for sale.

Stucco Toronto offers the following services:


A highly attractive home finishing solution. Stucco as a material is made up of water, aggregate and binder laid over a metal lath. This is usually done by applying it wet which later dries up into a very dense and hard solid. Mainly used for ceilings and external wall decorations. Standing out to be very useful as a building material specifically in exterior finishing, it is attractive, durable and does not require high level of maintenance. Paint can be mixed with the stucco such that the design will not require painting after stucco is in place.

Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIF)

This is a synthetic exterior wall cladding system mainly used to provide the exterior walls with waterproofing, insulation and finishing. Though not stucco, it is also referred to as Synthetic Stucco. This is usually made up of foam, plastic insulator and synthetic coating. This form of insulation is done by applying EIF to the building exterior using an adhesive to attach it to a gypsum board. EIF is considered effective in terms of cost, attractiveness and purpose.


Several factors contribute to the cracking of stucco. That is rust of the metal lath, lack of proper expansion joints and failing caulking. This calls for fast action for repair. Stucco restoration specialists visit the area requiring restoration to assess the size of damage and determine the specific cause of the damage. If the damage intensity is minor, it will call for minor patching. If the damage intensity is severe, it will require a complete replacement of the entire panel where the wall is safely torn down and replaced with either stucco or EIF.

These solutions as offered by Stucco contractors in Toronto are a great economical choice for any new or any project under renovation cost effective and durable.

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